The Band

Main Unit

Everything you need for a good time.



The New Chick

Amanda Cizek is Fake ID’s lead vocalist extraordinaire and has been gracing the stage with us since early 2014.  Her high energy stage presence and soulful voice have given Fake ID an added dimension of awesomeness.  Amanda is a professional fitness consultant and model by day and an amazingly dynamic performer by night.   Every show sees her hitting new heights and winning new Fake ID fans.  Come out to the next show and experience the force of nature that is Amanda for yourself!



Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Lead Party Starter
Since the first gig in wigs at Toad’s place to today, Scott’s not-so-slightly manic stage performance and guitar heroics have wowed literally dozens. No relation to Taylor Hicks whatsoever.


Drums, Percussion
Bob Ramos, aka “The Professor”, is an amazing drummer and percussionist who has played
with an impressive list of artists and bands.  We are hoping to stay on that list!

benj at joyride


The amazing bassist Benj LeFevre, who many of you may know from Deep Banana Blackout,
has been holding down the bottom end for most of our gigs these days and we couldn’t be happier….or funkier!





Special Guests

We have plenty of extra muscle available for special events.



Vocals, Devoted T-Shirt Collector
A legend in his own mind, Bryan was  founding member of Fake ID and  when
he’s back in Connecticut from his new home in Atlanta, he just might pop in….ya never know!